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Susan Nack

I came to the potter’s wheel late in life. As a child, my mother kept a pickling crock filled with clay that was reserved for rainy days. Thus clay became a wonderful way to cure the rainy day blues. It was while in elementary school, however, that I attended an art workshop and first saw someone working on the wheel. It was a magical moment—watching a lump of clay transformed into something beautiful. School, work and family took priority over the next 40 years. Finally, with retirement on the horizon, I decided to head back to school and study Ceramics at Cypress College. Under the guidance of my teachers— Jeff Netzer and Molly Schulps, I continue to expand my knowledge of clay in all its forms. Now, there are no more “rainy days”, just “clay days”!

email: nack@claydusoleil.com


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Darline Degonia: In Memoriam

Darline grew up in Arizona and many of her pottery designs reflect the Southwestern influence and style. For 25 years she combined her skills with the brush and her love of pottery. Her talent and her friendship will be missed by many in the art community.


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"There's no retirement for an artist, it's your way of living so there's no end to it."

- Bono





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